Prorelator is a Pro-relator

A prorelator is a proficient relator. It has nothing to do with professional relators, so if that's what you're looking for you've come to the wrong place.





Prorelator ~ Pro-relator

In the laboratory of life, whether you are dating, relating, or mating, you need to become a PRO at The "Science" of Relating. That’s “PRO” as in proficient (skillful, talented, adept, competent) and not professional (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist). I like to call this being a prorelator.

In a relationship, a really good communicator is a "proficient relator." Anyone can develop the skills to become a "prorelator" for excellent two-way relationship communication.

Everyday we relate to other people. There are so many forms of relationships. Relationships span all aspects of life from intimate relationships, lover relationships, husband wife relationships, marriage relationships, parent child relationships, friend relationships, work relationships, employer employee relationships and many more.

A "proficient relator" has a few great skills. It starts with listening the right way. Even more importatnt is being aware of what's coming of your own mouth. Wagging tongues tell many tales. The wise sages say, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." and "A person's tongue is more powerful than his sword. A sword can only kill someone who is nearby; a tongue can cause the death of someone who is far away."

A "prorelator" knows when to use the proactive pause in a conversation to inject CLARITY since each person comes from their own perspective in relating and communicating. A prorelator is an expert at having uncovered the unspoken expecations from the other person they are relating to and fulfilling these expectations. Being a good listener is part of being a prorelator. A prorelator knows how to hear the message, interpret the message, evaluate the message, and respond appropriately to the message.

A "prorelator" has the right listening and responding attitude. Notice I said responding and not reacting. There is forethought with responding in a relationship. A prorelator knows that listening involves hearing the content and the intent of the person you are relating with in your relationship. A prorelator knows that expectations can be met when you "feeds back" words to the speaker so there is "buy-in," agreement and clarity in the conversation.

A "prorelator" is not born that way. A "prorelator" has experiences are developed over time and throughout life that make him or her a "proficient relator."

To Your Love Success,

Sherrie Rose
The Love Linguist®



"A prorelator is proficient at both listening and responding in a relationship." ~Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist



Do Your Think That Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson are
Pro-relators? Their song "Relator" is a hit on their album Break Up.

"Relator" is the first single off the album.




relator scarlett johansson and pete yorn youtube

pete yorn and scarlett johansson "relator" music video


The two basics of relating dynamics are LOVE and RESPECT.

This is particularly important for lovers in intimate
relationships. Lovers who are prorelators respond and listen with Love and Respect. And have happier, hotter, and sexier lives together. And fill THE LOVE BUCKET!

The pro-relator cycle is simple and works in any type of relationship: family, friends, co-workers, boss, even how you interact in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Become a "PRO" "Relator" by listening and responding with love and respect.

Prorelator "Real Love" Formula™

Real Love = Respond with Respect
+ Listen with Love

RL = RR + LL


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The Love Bucket® Formula

He WINS + She's HAPPY =
Your SEX LIFE is Sizzles!


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